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Employment Specialist

Leeds - Leeds Mind

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Job Description:

Purpose of the post

To provide an employment support service to individuals who are accessing secondary mental health services, at Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust, within Adult Social Care Day Services and individuals on ESA or JSA via the ESF STEP Specialist provision.


Main Duties and Responsibilities


Employment Support


  1. Support a caseload of clients with mental health problems to get into/return to work, through an individual placement support approach and deliver on-going employability support.
  2. Undertake induction, assessments, action planning and reviews with clients to help them achieve their employment goals and retain their jobs
  3. Work with clients on a 1:1 basis as well as deliver group work sessions, if required
  4. Support clients to undertake job preparation, work experience, work placements, volunteering, education, training and any other activity that helps them towards employment.
  5. Provide post-employment support to clients and employers where appropriate.
  6. Continually evaluate the service being delivered to clients, employers and partners and other stakeholders
  7. Support a caseload of service users to retain employment.
  8. Work towards individual and team targets to achieve the specified outcomes of the service.
  9. Maintain accurate manual and computerised client, employer and stakeholder records, delivering reports and client stories.
  10. Deliver in house employability groupwork sessions to clients.


Salary: £20,000 - £25,000


Job Category: Advice

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Location: Leeds

Keywords: Client Facing, Community, Job Retention, Mental Health, outreach, support

Job Expires: 7 days

How to Apply:

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