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Team Leader – Overseas volunteer

Anywhere - Tearfund

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Job Description:

Impress employers with your versatility and energy


Lead a team of volunteers overseas for anything from two weeks to six months and come home with the skills you need to land your next job. We’re looking for motivated individuals with pastoral qualities, a heart for leadership and the desire to make a difference. It’s a chance to get some head space, experience a new culture and develop your leadership skills.


What would it involve?


You’ll lead a team of up to 12 volunteers who have been handpicked to be part of one of Tearfund’s overseas placements. This is a unique opportunity to work closely with Tearfund’s International Volunteering Team and partner staff in-country.


You will help to develop placements that make a significant difference to the community you visit, whilst providing pastoral support to your team.


What are we looking for?


  • A commitment to the vision, values and aims of Tearfund and the International Volunteering Team
  • A passion for social justice and international development
  • A heart for leadership, discipleship and investing in the personal and spiritual development of others
  • Ability to organise, plan and manage the team’s participation in projects in-country
  • Flexible and ability to respond to and adapt to change
  • Experience of working with and supporting diverse groups of people
  • Ability to handle conflict and sensitive situations
  • Ability to support team members who may be experiencing challenges
  • The ability to maintain your own spiritual development and support the spiritual development of others
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good listener
  • A desire to learn, embrace challenges and develop personally
  • Previous experience of volunteering overseas may be beneficial but is not essential


What would I gain?


  • Cross-cultural skills, experience of life in diverse communities and cultures in some of the world’s poorest countries
  • An opportunity to understand more about the diverse realities of our world and God’s heart for His people
  • Bespoke leadership training from Tearfund
  • Experience of leadership and providing pastoral support
  • The opportunity to develop your communication, interpersonal, teamwork, negotiation and organisational skills
  • Subsidised trip costs


Where and how long can I go for?


We need team leaders for our 2 week, 3 month and 6 month placements.


Placements are on offer in a variety of countries including Cambodia, Colombia, Malawi, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia.


How can I apply?


Head over to our Apply Now page. In the first choice select the ‘Team Leader’ option. In the second and third choices, please select your trip options.


Still unsure? Give us a call today to chat through whether you could be a team leader on 020 8943 7777 or email us at


Salary: Not Specified


Job Category: Social Justice

Job Type: Freelance

Job Location: Anywhere


Job Expires: 6 days

How to Apply:

Head over to our Team Leader page for more details and how to apply

Still unsure? Give us a call today to chat through whether you could be a team leader on 020 8943 7777 or email us at

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