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London Charity Jobs

London Charity Jobs – London Fundraising Jobs –  London Social Welfare Jobs

London including the home counties remain a magnet for charities and those that wish to work in the charity and third sector. It’s where most of the top 100 charities have their head offices as well as numerous local organisations that are supporting services in boroughs across London.

London Charity Jobs Salaries

Charity Job pay tends to be considerably higher and in some cases 30% – 40% higher than in other areas of the country.  There are many historical reasons why charities are based in London. This is where many of the key donors are based, central Government of course and many of the major companies which charities will receive funding and volunteer support from.

Location and relocation

As rents continue to increase in the Capital and the cost of commuting for employees goes up, there will be mounting pressure to move out of London, but don’t expect any mass exodus anytime soon. London although expensive has huge benefits for employers and employees, and with home working becoming more popular you can take some of the heat out of travelling by working at home one or two days a week. The Charity sector has a good record on flexible working. It makes sense for charities, as less people in an office should mean reduced costs and less travel for employees should mean more productive work and could mean cheaper travel costs depending on how someone purchases their tickets.

UKCharityJobs – Lists London Charity Jobs

You will find numerous London Charity Jobs on our pages, from administration through to senior management and in all sectors from child welfare to environmental issues.

Advice to applicants

If you wish to receive advice on your CV or submitting an application please email tina@ukcharityjobs.com We are happy to support you in finding your dream charity job. Please note all personal information is securely stored on the cloud and is not accessed by any organisation or individual accept those within UKCharityJobs.com that need to access it to give advice. You can ask us to delete your information at anytime.

UK Charity Jobs Advertising Rates

Our job advertising rates are extremely competative and we believe we provide a totally unique service to organisations, by actively promoting your jobs on numerous social media sites not just when you advertise but throughout the duration of your job ad. For more information please visit our advertising page here.