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Social Care Jobs in London

Social Care Jobs in London and throughout the UK

Social care includes many areas of need, which requires specialist services and a wide range of skills and experience. In the last 20 years we have seen an ever growing number of charities and other voluntary organisations taking on the role. This use to be almost entirely the domain of local authorities and the health service.

This has provided opportunities, and more choice for individual service users. The idea of taking a person centred approach was developed by the third sector.

One of the draw backs is the reliance many charities have on local government funding, which as we all know has been drastically cut back since the recession and will be under further strain post-covid. This means there is more reliance on fundraising which has its own problems. Never-the-less the sector is huge as is the need and the opportunities for developing a career in the care sector.

Social care jobs are wide ranging and include supporting older people, those with mental health problems, learning disabilities; those with alcohol and substance misuse issues, abuse and homelessness, and of course children and young people.

There are many areas of social care you can work in

The main areas include:

  • advice and guidance
  • housing
  • childcare and protection
  • Youth Care
  • community work
  • counselling
  • fostering and adoption
  • occupational therapy
  • probation
  • psychology
  • residential care
  • supporting independent living for people with learning disabilities an mental health problems

More information on social care can be found at Social Care Institute for Excellence

UK Charity Jobs lists many jobs in London and throughout the UK covering social work, from administration through to senior management as well as front line service jobs such as support workers.

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