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Trust Fundraising Jobs

UK Charity Jobs lists Trust Fundraising Jobs in London and throughout the UK

Money raised through Trusts and Foundations provides a steady flow of income for charities to fund both their project and core costs. Trust fundraising for many charities is important, but for smaller charities, the Trusts and Foundation market is crucial. It’s therefore vital to employ the right people.  Here we explain the essential skills that you need to identify when recruiting a Trust fundraiser.

What makes a great Trust Fundraiser?

Excellent research skills
Not only should they be constantly researching the many online directories available, they should also be looking further afield. This includes companies that have established Trusts and HNWI donors that may also have a Foundation. This means an excellent Trust fundraiser must also think like a corporate fundraiser and Major donor fundraiser. It’s very important to keep this in mind when recruiting.

A strong pipeline is also important, so senior management know when applications are being made, what the ask is, and likely dates that funds may arrive. Great organisational and financial skills are key.

Excellent communications skills
Written communications is obviously essential, but it is also very important that the trust fundraiser has strong verbal communication skills. These days it’s not good enough to carry out desk research then make an application. It’s very important for the fundraiser to call the administrator, so that the appeal can be fine-tuned and to check when there will be a meeting. Why is the phone so important? Two reasons 1. Most people no longer use it. 2. Whatever information is on a Trust’s website can only be enhanced by talking to the Trust.

If a Trust doesn’t have a website and a fundraiser is relying on information in a directory, the chances are that information will be out of date, so making a call is extremely important.

One further tip. Trust fundraisers must not be allowed to work in isolation and should be regarded as the centre of fundraising activity.

Need interim Trust fundraising support?

Abbey Solutions can help you maintain and build your pipeline, as well as prepare appeals for your charity, while you recruit a new fundraiser. Abbey Solutions has offices in London, Glasgow and Oxford and can take on short term/long term assignments anywhere across the UK.

Looking for a job as a Trust Fundraiser?

If you are looking for a job in this area, please got to the home page. Many Trust fundraising jobs are in the London area. However, nearly every charity needs a trust fundraiser, so keep looking in your area and we’re sure you won’t have to travel far. Also keep a look out for part-time positions and those that offer home working. The pandemic has accelerated this significantly. Living a long way from the office is no longer a major issue.

Research – Approach – Application.  Is that it?

These are the essential skills, but what will make the difference is how much initiative the Trust Fundraiser has, supported by a dynamic manager. Trust Fundraising like any other type of fundraising is all about building relationships and fine tuning the application. Please remember this rule. If your charity doesn’t fit the Trust criteria, don’t try and make it fit. Go on to another Trust that does fit.

To engage fully with the administrators and Trustees of Foundations is essential. Organising events so they can see the work in action is important. Working closely with the corporate and major donor fundraiser, the Trustees and senior management will ensure that opportunities are not missed. In short, everything is interconnected.

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